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I just retweeted the message below and while I'm not going to go into the details of who said it and the controversy around his lifes work, the message of the quote resonated.   Think back to when you last did something amazing or you more impressive work? In all cases, one of the… Continue reading Enthusiasm

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On Being ‘Naive’

naive - nʌɪˈiːv,nɑːˈiːv/ adjective: naive (of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement. I’ve been called naive a few times in my career, usually when I’m explaining that things don’t need to be as they are You’re naive if you think you can do this without it running late You’re naive… Continue reading On Being ‘Naive’

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You Need Two Holiday Policies

I work in a traditional company with a traditional holiday policy.  It boils down to being given 28 days holiday and being told to use them all by the end of the year. So in a week or so I'll have a new stock of 28 holiday days in my bank to use when I… Continue reading You Need Two Holiday Policies

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Why I’m Not Answering My Phone

At work, you can get hold of me in a number of different ways You can send me an email You can send me a message on Slack You can even send me a message on Lync (when it's not crashing) You can actually come over and talk to me And yet, with all those… Continue reading Why I’m Not Answering My Phone

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Make Failure Acceptable

In response to Supporting Peer to Peer Appreciation I received the following comment on Twitter   I replied with the following   But as I indicated in the first reply, it’s worth a post in it’s own right.   Two Very Different Outcomes Lets take two examples "Frodo is a pretty good… Continue reading Make Failure Acceptable

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Focused 1:1 Questions

I’ve run a large number of 1:1’s over my career with varying degrees of success in a large part due to how they are scheduled and organised. Time to time I have had 1:1’s that run pretty much like this. “Hey, how’s it going" “Good" “Anything you want to discuss" “No" “Great, catch you next… Continue reading Focused 1:1 Questions

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Supporting Peer-to-Peer Appreciation

What do you do when one of your peers at work does something cool, helpful, beneficial or just helps someone out? If you're like most employees in most workplaces, you'll probably say thanks if it impacted you directly and you were there at the time, but what about situations where you're not there, or where… Continue reading Supporting Peer-to-Peer Appreciation

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Exiting though a Happiness Door

Yesterday I ran a full-day workshop with developers, artists, producers and designers which was designed to review our agile adoption over the last 6 months. Aptly titled 'Agile Retrospective', it was designed to get the group talking and discussing the good, bad and ugly of our adoption and where they wanted to go next. But… Continue reading Exiting though a Happiness Door

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Developers are not Resources

Resource is the right term when dealing with a collection of interchangeable ‘things’ like stock, raw materials or money. It is not the right term when referring to talented and experienced members of staff.

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#Workout Review – A Management 3.0 Book

So I know the theory, but how exactly can I put it into practice? I’m a big fan of Jurgen Appelo.  His approach to management through the eye of Complexity science and the interplay of people and relationships rather than the top down approach taken by most management systems is something that seems so obvious (once… Continue reading #Workout Review – A Management 3.0 Book