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Use Daily Stand Ups to Frame and Track Your Intent Every Day

I’ve written before about why daily stand ups generally don’t work, but I wanted to offer just a small change that will see a big impact on the effectiveness of the stand up far beyond the 10 minutes you spend talking about your work. Usually, you answer three questions What did I do yesterday What… Continue reading Use Daily Stand Ups to Frame and Track Your Intent Every Day

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How To Save The World From Bad Meetings The advice is both simple and revolutionary.  Recieved a meeting invite that has no agenda, no goal or you have barely any knowledge about? No MAS. Click the tentative button! [...] Then, get in touch with the person who asked you to the meeting. Tell them you're very excited to support their work, ask… Continue reading How To Save The World From Bad Meetings

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Focused 1:1 Questions

I’ve run a large number of 1:1’s over my career with varying degrees of success in a large part due to how they are scheduled and organised. Time to time I have had 1:1’s that run pretty much like this. “Hey, how’s it going" “Good" “Anything you want to discuss" “No" “Great, catch you next… Continue reading Focused 1:1 Questions

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Exiting though a Happiness Door

Yesterday I ran a full-day workshop with developers, artists, producers and designers which was designed to review our agile adoption over the last 6 months. Aptly titled 'Agile Retrospective', it was designed to get the group talking and discussing the good, bad and ugly of our adoption and where they wanted to go next. But… Continue reading Exiting though a Happiness Door

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Your Daily Stand-Ups are Not Working

Of all the (agile, scrum or any other) process studios have implemented across the globe, the one element that seems to be the easiest and most sticky is the Daily Stand-Up (often called the Morning Meeting unfortunately). But the majority of Morning Stand-Ups I’ve been part of are at best not providing the outcomes they… Continue reading Your Daily Stand-Ups are Not Working