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Exiting though a Happiness Door

Yesterday I ran a full-day workshop with developers, artists, producers and designers which was designed to review our agile adoption over the last 6 months. Aptly titled 'Agile Retrospective', it was designed to get the group talking and discussing the good, bad and ugly of our adoption and where they wanted to go next. But… Continue reading Exiting though a Happiness Door

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Developers are not Resources

Resource is the right term when dealing with a collection of interchangeable ‘things’ like stock, raw materials or money. It is not the right term when referring to talented and experienced members of staff.

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#Workout Review – A Management 3.0 Book

So I know the theory, but how exactly can I put it into practice? I’m a big fan of Jurgen Appelo.  His approach to management through the eye of Complexity science and the interplay of people and relationships rather than the top down approach taken by most management systems is something that seems so obvious (once… Continue reading #Workout Review – A Management 3.0 Book

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Why Management (or “Why Not Leadership”)

Amongst the other names I had for this blog, one stood out in direct competition to ‘Managing Game Development’. ‘Leading Game Development’ After all, isn’t managing and management a ‘Bad Thing’ but leading and leadership a ‘Good Thing’? I’m sure we’ve all seen the following image (or a variation of) And we all know who… Continue reading Why Management (or “Why Not Leadership”)